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A modular dimmer for your LED pendant luminaire


Modularer Dimmer für modulare Leuchte FAMOOS

Now it is even easier to adjust the LED pendant luminary according to your wishes. Attached to the last module of your lighting system, the entire pendant luminaire can conveniently be adjusted or turned on and off by hand.

Infinitely adjustable dimming for LED pendant luminaire, positioning possible

The modular dimmer we therefore developed is activated by touch. By moving one finger along the surface the light can be regulated from bright to dim and back to bright. In addition it is possible to position the desired brightness by tapping on the dimmer. Switching the light on and off by tapping is also possible.

The dimmer registers the desired brightness and indicates this by blinking briefly. When turning the light on and off with the wall switch, the dimmer will automatically return to the previous setting.

The modular dimmer will harmoniously combine with any colour of the luminaire module.

The colour combination of the modular LED pendant luminaire elamina can be varied, or a new module can be added. The modular dimmer will then be taken off, and the modules in the desired combination and number can be added. Lastly the dimmer is put into place. The colour of the last module is totally flexible, as the silver grey colour of the dimmer matches any of the module colours.

Modular dimmer with a special design

The modular dimmer is fixed to the last module of your pendant luminaire as an elegant finish. Thanks to the convenient latch the dimmer can easily be taken off at any time.